Materials and Techniques

I primarily use European manufactured porcelain (Limoges) and throw the forms off the wheel. For slightly larger pieces I use an Australian porcelain.
Once the work is leather hard I draw onto the surface of the pots, then scratch into those lines with a fine, sharp tool - similar to an etching technique.
The line work is then filled with oxides and colours or alternatively, I paint straight onto the surface of each pot.
Once the colours or oxides are on, I then work each layer back with a liquid latex, to reveal tones and shadows.
The pots are then ready to Bisque ( the first firing) following that is some touch up to colours to build layers and glazing on the inside only and into a glaze firing to 1300o,either a  reduction or oxidation.
I hand build using Limoges porcelain and australian porcelain for the scrabble tiles, miniatures and small shapes such as the jugs.