About me

I work from my home studio in Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia. I make, draw and think, creating tactile objects for you to use every day. The functional object is more than a utilitarian object for me because I believe it holds more than the stuff of liquids and solids, it also holds our thoughts, our memories and our hopes. I use Limoges porcelain to throw with and Australian porcelain to hand build with. The only reason these are pointed out is the surface texture of each is different. the Limoges porcelain is like drawing onto smooth paper (or even butter) while the Australian porcelain is thicker to the touch. If I was to compare them both to cheeses, the Limoges is like a goats cheese and the Australian porcelain like a tasty.

My ideas range from personal thoughts and observations to politics and the world we live in. I like to include text in my work, either on the surface of a pot or in the titles. This adds another layer of meaning or maybe another layer of ambiguity, to my work. The narrative, the stories of the objects, who we are and where we are, become part of the narrative and life of the pot. Tangible forms have the capacity to anchor us and contain more than we know.

Maybe the objects you choose can add to the story of who you are and reflect your dreams and thoughts…..

I began studying ceramics in 1988 and in 2016 I completed my PhD, “Politics and Porcelain” which researched the period between 1917 and 1924 of USSR Soviet porcelain propaganda. Throughout that time, surface design, drawing and text have been a strength in my work.

I have had numeous solo and group exhibitions throughout my career and been published in both Australian and International publications. My work is held in several private collections, globally and closer to home, such as the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. I am represented by Beaver galleries in Canberra.