The narrative for this piece imagined how the NBN could be bought to people living in both remote and highly populated areas. Each plate displayed a different chapter to the narrative as the images were separated into three parts.

The base of the set depicts buildings of an industrial city and rooftops, symbolising a suburban environment. In the centre are drawn lines, similar to a web of cables or a map that connects (or not quite connects) towards each building and rooftop.

The second plate’s exterior is encircled by the word ‘communication’ while the image in the interior is of a person standing under a tree with head down, texting on a mobile. He is isolated, engulfed by space and the plate’s empty surface that surrounds him.

The smallest plate has partial images of a ‘how to vote’ card within its interior, referencing elections and how the results of such events affect how we live in a society. The political parties we elect affect our present and future lives due in part to the policies that are legislated and passed in parliament during their time in government.

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