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  1. Stop the boat:
    Thanks for sharing the exhibition talk to us yesterday, I do think you should try to have your show in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Art center and its art school is closely related, the Art Center always acts as a link between artists and those who look for art works, I believe both Professor Kevin White and Kris Coad would have the right channel for art galleries in Hong Kong.
    Some reference for the illegal refugees, according to Wikipedia(although we should not take it as official reference, but to have a brief I hope it gives us an idea:-
    * Some Vietnam refugees were allow to stay in Hong Kong under the auspice of United Nation and the humanitarian policy of the previous Hong Kong government.
    * There were 143,700 refuges, among them 67,000 were repatriated.
    * Hong Kong government paid for their food and shelter.
    * Until now the UN still owned Hong Kong 1.61 billion for just the handling those refuges.i hope this helps you to know that Hong Kong at one stage share the same feeling of “stop the boat”.
    All the best,
    Janice ( a year 3 ceramics student from Hong Kong)

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