unity is strength

unity is strength


The title of this plate is taken from the Australian Union movement. The phrase ‘Unity is strength’ is often seen on banners and apparel of Union members and supporters during demonstrations throughout Australia.

The words are written inside a ribbon as a parody of the Australian Labor Party. From 2007, the ALP, under the leadership of Kevin Rudd, held office however destabilization and dis-unity became apparent.

In 2010, following a leadership spill within the party Julia Gillard was elected the first female Prime Minister of Australia. Her time in office was three years and three days, hence the note on the plate. A profile image of Julia Gillard sits above a ‘how to vote’ card alluding to the changes that occurred during the period.

Two small figures are depicted with their backs to each other, walking away across the ‘how to vote’ card, representing Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. The large numbers surrounding the images – 57 & 45 signify the results of the internal ballot that was undertaken when Kevin Rudd challenged Julia Gillard’s leadership of the ALP and won. Two small figures walking away symbolize the party members that conspired in the disruption and subsequent downfall of the ALP.

Following the Russian Revolution of 1915, newly designed plates from the Lomonosov porcelain factory were displayed in shop front windows, heralding the victorious promises of Bolshevism. These plates recorded the history of political change within Russia. I aim to chronicle the Australian political landscape through my work with porcelain forms and surface design, contributing to the dialogue between politics and porcelain.

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