the new kiln

here’s the new kiln, sitting pretty and ready to go.

i’ve done a few bisques and a glaze firing to 1300,only one, to be honest, it makes me abit nervous but i do love a gas kiln!

here’s one set of pieces which has absolutely no text, just the bare branches of trees and huge numbers and road lines over the top. One day i was driving home from drop off and i saw the bare autumn branches of huge oak trees and i wondered and thought about how similar they looked to the map lines on a page.oh, they do have a title, “look the other way”.i wondered how it is that we find our way, how do we get from one place to another, how do we make our journey’s? do we follow the path -the map lines- or do we follow and notice the things along the way, and do we get there faster or better or easier when we take a different path? mmmm i think alot in my little studio!!

here are some photos i’ve taken, around the place this winter, of the shadows, overlapping the roads.

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