testing one, two, three

novdec i PHONE 2012 016I have completed the 1st year of the PhD and still, I am in no mans land! Its quite a difficult place to be but also one that is very exciting. I will stick by the word ‘difficult’ because researching and directing my work,that is the work I produce in the studio directly to the writing and reading that I am doing is a challenge. Running ideas paralell to the study isnt extraordinarily difficult, I think the time inbetween is so small, fitting the ‘process’ time in between reading/writing/making, is the difficult bit. Exciting is the second descriptive word I will also stick by because finally, I am being asked to do this and encouraged to do this and given space to do this in my life. For an artist, sometimes, the juggle to get every thing done is hard work, but through this PhD time, people are ok with me being busy, in my head, in my studio, with my commitments. that is exciting but more exciting than that is the work that I am making and planning and the things I am discovering in my reading/researching. To be honest, that does all sound a bit higgledy piggledy, and often, that is exactly how I feel.

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