teapots without the spouts!

It’s now October 2010 and I’m back to work. The studio is a big mess and I’m drawing every day, which is heaven! Ideas are coming thick and fast but my challenge is great as my mind has made a slight shift. All the maps and houses that are my usual narrative have had a little shift. I’ve been very interested, delighted and intrigued with the events of our political parties and election and i’m beginning to think that maybe, things aren’t as different as they seem. The fact that the election result was so close made me think that our differences aren’t so great or that we have more cross over in ideas than we thought. I do find this hard to swallow actually, as a strong believer in Labor i feel the philosophical differences are huge, but the election was interesting to see nevertheless. After the final solution of the election i started to draw my houses with alot of blurred edges, with the edges of the houses crossing over the top of each other, ignoring the walls that divide. As a consequence, i’m thinking alot about how the maps we follow in our lives show us many roads, and although two people may take two different paths, they may end up at the same destination, just from different starting points. Choices are important.

I also completed my grant application for a study trip to St.Petersburg, so thinking about Australian politics is interesting, while hoping to one day study the Russian politics of 1914 and the porcelain that was created then…could i make something that talks to us about our political times in porcelain??!!!!

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