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lots of pots in boxes 09

Just wanted to Post a photo of the latest 100 pots that are ready to go for the Form Gallery in Perth. They are ready to jump in the kiln! And I have to say, I won’t be dissappointed not looking at yellow for a while either! The Decal process is a little bit like those tattoos you can buy from the $2 shops. Remember how you wet them, then your arm and you squeeze them onto your skin and get all the moisture out?And they never come off for weeks! But, no, really, decals on pots aren’t quite like that, it does take a particular skill to be able to visualize images on a 3 dimensional shape and using decals doesn’t make it any easier because you are limited to the lines you have in front of you. However, I am really happy that I’ve found a way to put my own drawings onto the decals and not something manufactured and tacky. So now, to the kiln!!

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